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Devised Theatre Festival 2024

York University’s Devised Theatre class of 2024 is excited to present this year’s Devised Theatre Festival. The Festival consists of four different shows by four different companies consisting of students from the class, their crews, and the PM team.


Wednesday, March 20
7:00 pm – “45 Minutes” by Be Right Back
8:30 pm – “.evaC” by das canvas

Thursday March 21
7:00 pm – “Integral” by Kinesis
8:30 pm – “.evaC” by das canvas

Friday, March 22
7:00 pm – “Integral” by Kinesis
8:30 pm – “Hell on Heels” by Kall of Kouture Collective

Saturday, March 23
1:00 pm – “45 Minutes” by Be Right Back
2:30 pm – “Hell on Heels” by Kall of Kouture Collective

Sunday, March 24
1:00 pm – “45 Minutes” by Be Right Back
2:30 pm – “Hell on Heels” by Kall of Kouture Collective
7:00pm – “Integral” by Kinesis
8:30pm – “.evaC” by das canvas

This festival is a pay what you wish event, cash contributions will be accepted at the door.

207 Accolade East Building (ACE)
83 York Blvd

Be Right Back presents 45 minutes
Be Right Back is a devised collective that transcends expectations from reality into a fantastical world that will spark imagination through movement and music, bringing new perspectives to all audiences everywhere.

Kinesis presents Integral
Kinesis: Human, Life, Authentic, Inspire, Core.
We aim to tell real stories through a creative and educational lens to ignite a collective journey towards change for the better of all people, one performance at a time. By nurturing a culture of growth and awareness, we capture the power of storytelling to guide humans toward the ultimate goal of self-realization.

das canvas presents .evaC
das canvas is an interdisciplinary theatre company that is committed to creating high-quality, thought-provoking theatre that is important to us. Using a variety of artistic techniques and inspiration, das canvas strives to implement a variety of forms of art in order to create theatre that is unique and impactful. das canvas looks to explore the known, unknown, and everything in between.

Kall of Kouturw Collective presents Hell on Heels
Kall of Kouture Collective is an all female powerhouse company that seeks to bring light and joy to the stage while sharing inspirational stories for their audiences to enjoy. Through using music, dance, and comedy they share the varying experiences that come with womanhood, friendships, and entering different stages of life



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Mar 20 - 24 2024


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Accolade East Building (2nd Floor) @ 83 York Blvd
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