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Debating Emerging Chinese International Relations Theories

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The phenomenon of emerging Chinese international relations (IR) theories has attracted much scholarly attention worldwide in recent years. What do we make of this phenomenon? What are the driving forces behind it? What new insights do these theories bring to the current international relations and global political economy?

Matti Puranen,Finnish National Defence University, Finland
Xiao Alvin Yang, Universität Kassel, Germany/York University
Weizhan Meng, Fudan University, China

Moderator and Discussant: Niki Sopanen, University of Helsinki, Finland
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The Theoretical Debates on Asia series brings together young scholars from around the world to engage in theoretical debates on the emerging Indigenous international relations (IR) theories in Asia and new IR and global political economy (GPE) approaches to study Asia.
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This is the first event in the series, which will take place during the 2020-21 academic year.
More about our Debaters:
Matti Puranen (D.Soc.Sc, MA, MSSc) is a senior researcher at the Finnish National Defence University where he conducts research on strategy and international relations, with a focus on China and Chinese military strategy. Puranen has a master’s degree in both History and Political Science from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He recently defended his doctoral thesis, Warring States and Harmonized Nations: Tianxia Theory as a World Political Argument, at the University of Jyväskylä.
Xiao Alvin Yangis a doctoral candidate in Political and Economic Science at Universität Kassel, Germany, a Visiting Graduate Associate at York Centre for Asian Research, York University and a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, York University. His dissertation aims to theorize the current (changing) global order and global political economy where there are ongoing tensions among globalization, regional integration and the resurgence of nationalism. He has been a visiting research fellow at Lund University (Sweden) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). His research has appeared in a number of peer-reviewed journals in English and Chinese, including The Journal of China and International Relations,The Journal of Chinese Political Science, World Economics and Politics (Chinese) andThe Journal of International Relations(Chinese). His recent book chapter–“Theorizing the BRICS”–appeared inThe International Political Economy of the BRICS(Routledge 2019).
Weizhan Meng is an Assistant Research Professor at the Development Institute, Fudan University. He has successively studied at Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies, and, in 2018, he obtained his PhD in political science from the University of Hong Kong. He began his position at Fudan University in January 2020. His main research areas are: Chinese politics and foreign affairs, international relations theory, foreign relations of Imperial China, East Asian security, and Hong Kong politics. He has eight recent articles either published or accepted by Social Sciences Citation Index(SSCI) journals, including Q2 journals for international relations studies such as theWashington Quarterly,International Relations of the Asia-Pacific,Pacific Reviewand a Q1 journal for area studies, such as China Review. He was previously an anonymous reviewer for more than 10 English-language journals. In 2020, he received funding from the China National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences and the Fudan Sinar Mas Think Tank.
Niki Sopanen (MSSc) is a doctoral candidate in International Relations at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is also a lecturer at the open university of the University of Helsinki. His doctoral dissertation applies Koselleckian conceptual history and Essex School-inspired discourse analysis to examine conspiratorial discourses in China-US relations. Sopanen was a visiting researcher at the Nordic Center at Fudan University in Autumn 2019.



Dec 08 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am


Online Event
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