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Current Developments in Detention in Canada

In this presentation, Rana Khan will be limiting her comments to the UNHCR Global Detention Strategy, work with CBSA on the detention portfolio, CBSA National ATD Framework and the pending revision of the IRB Detention Guidelines.
Rana Khan is a human rights lawyer with a keen interest in and commitment to refugee protection, in particular the issues of detention, women and children. Following her call to the Ontario bar in 1993, Khan worked in private practice before joining the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 1994. Since joining the UNHCR, she has worked as legal officer and head of the Toronto office for the region of Ontario, covering all aspects of refugee protection, policy and practice. She is the UNHCR lead in Canada on the Global Detention Strategy – Beyond Detention, and for Gender and Children issues. In addition, she has participated in some of the organization’s international operations for refugee protection and humanitarian assistance. In 1998, Khan went on a mission to Luau, Angola, as part of a technical team that conducted refugee status determinations of Rwandan refugees. In 1999, she undertook a mission to Kosovo as a UNHCR protection officer. While continuing her work as legal officer with the UNHCR in Toronto, she is active in building and maintaining close working relationships with government and non-governmental organizations at all levels, both nationally and regionally.


Oct 31 2018


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


McLaughlin Lunch Talk Series @ 140 McLaughlin College, McLaughlin Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada
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