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Curatorial Talk: Graphic Design Tactics for Civil Movements

*This talk is associated with a corresponding graphic design art show:
Curator: Wendy S. Wong, Department of Design, York University
Chair: Yuk-Lin Renita Wong, Professor, School of Social Work, York University
Wendy S. Wong, curator of Graphic Design Tactics for Civil Movements: The 2019 Hong Kong Protests, will explore how actors in the ongoing 2019 Hong Kong Protests are using graphic design as a medium and a resistance tactic.
With the massive amounts of information about the Protests and their rapid evolution on a daily basis, she will examine how creators, both professionally trained and amateur, organize and digest facts into various visual communication design genres such as posters, information graphics, typography design, animation, global publicity campaigns and installation arts. As pro-government agents control the majority of the major mass communication media in the city, the curator will consider how social media and live stream casting technology plays a critical role as a platform for the protesters and supporters to organize and respond to the unfolding activities and events in Hong Kong and further afield. She will also weave in her experiences as a researcher in Hong Kong during the summer of 2019 as well as explain her process for selecting the graphic design show exhibits.
Discussant: Rick Sin, Course Director, School of Social Work, York University; Co-Chair, Asian Canadian Labour Alliance
As a native Hongkonger who closely follows the ongoing defiant movement, Rick Sin will highlight the defining features of the protesters’ organizing strategies and tactics, and examine how cultural identities – Hongkonger, Chinese, and global citizen – help constitute and are constituted in and through this leaderless people’s movement.
These events are presented by Department of Design, School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design at York University with support from the York Centre for Asian Research and the Canada-China Initiatives Fund at York University.
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Nov 21 2019


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Room 0005, Accolade East Building, Keele Campus York University @ York University
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