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Coping with the Winter Blues

If the colder weather and shorter days are making you feel down and fatigued, you are not alone. It is very normal for many individuals to experience feelings of sadness or a deflated mood during this time of year. These feelings may be also worsened by the uncertainty, stress, grief and burnout due to the pandemic. Did you know that 15 % of Canadians experience mild symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? This may include deflated mood, feeling demotivated, changes in sleep, appetite, or extreme fatigue. Even without a formal diagnosis you may still be feeling the effects of the winter blues. In this workshop, we go over some coping strategies we can implement to help counteract these overwhelming feelings and improve our well-being while living through these uncertain times!

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Nov 22 2022


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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