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Community Mastermind

What is a community mastermind?
A community mastermind is a unique gathering where members of a community come together to share ideas, to give feedback, to build connections, and to get inspired.
Why a community mastermind at Glendon?
The Community Mastermind at Glendon is TED talks meets coffee shop chats – a space that is motivating, inspiring, and welcoming.
At the Mastermind, you will hear from community members who will be sharing an idea that motivates them or a project that they are building. As a participant, you will be able to provide feedback, advice, or tips to those who are presenting to help them take their idea or project forward.
Why attend?

Be part of a motivating and inspiring event
Build connections with like-minded peers and those that may challenge you to grow
Gain experience in presenting, providing feedback, and networking
Get inspired to act while enjoying food and refreshments

How can I participate?
There are two ways to participate, as a speaker and as an attendee.

As aspeaker, you will present an idea (anything that motivates and inspires you!), a personal project, or a community initiative that you’re building. Be prepared to receive constructive feedback from others on your idea or project!
As aparticipant, you’ll draw on your knowledge, creativity, and unique experiences to provide feedback, advice, and ask questions of speakers.

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Feb 26 2019


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Glendon Campus (YH A300, Skyroom) @ 2275 Bayview Avenue
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