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CIHR Call for Proposals: Health Research Training Platform – Phase 2

The Health Research Training Platform (HRTP) Pilot funding opportunity is intended to support the development ofinterdisciplinary, inter-jurisdictional, and intersectoralresearch training platforms that will attract a diverse cadre of high-caliber trainees and ECRs, and equip them with the skills required for academic and non-academic careers. These research training platform grants can be used to build capacity in established or emerging areas, within the scope of the research training areas identified in the funding pools outlined below.
Funded platforms are expected to:
support comprehensive training by engaging academic, non-academic and knowledge user mentors from across a variety of disciplines, sectors, and jurisdictions;promote a greater understanding of emerging research and knowledge exchange approaches;increase training and professional development in support of sustainable career trajectories; andconsider best practices inequity, diversity and inclusion(EDI) within the platform team and environment.
These training platforms must demonstrate a value-add, and provide training and mentoring opportunities that demonstrate functions that go above and beyond standard research training programs trainees typically experience.
This funding opportunity will support training platforms relevant to the following research areas:
Boys, Men and Masculinities poolDigital Health Solutions for Seniors with Complex Health Needs poolDrug Safety and Effectiveness poolAI, Public Health and Equity poolGirls and Women’s Health and Wellness poolHuman Development, Child and Youth Health poolIntegrating Mental Health Services within Primary and Community Care poolNutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes poolStigma Reduction and Life Course Mental Wellness for LGBTQ/2S Populations poolVascular Cognitive Impairment pool
ValueThe total amount available for this funding opportunity is $28,800,000 – enough to fund approximately 12 grants. The maximum amount per grant is $400,000 per year for up to 6 years, for a total of $2,400,000 per grant.
CIHR Deadlines
Phase 1: Registration Deadline – Due April 21, 2021
Phase 2: Full Application – Due June 22, 2021
Please see theCIHR websitefor more details on the HRTP program application requirements.
Application Procedure
Applicants must notify our Faculty Research Officer – and the Office of Research Services (Maheen Hasan as soon as possible about their intention to apply.Doing so will both streamline the process of securing Faculty-level support for the partnership, and ensure that researchers receive adequate support in application preparation.


Jun 22 2021


10:00 am - 10:00 am
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