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CHOOSE GRAD YORK (3-Day Grad Lunch Webinar)

We’ve got a series of webinars planned to help you choose Graduate Studies at York University. Let us support your decision making process!


MARCH 15 @ 12:00 pm (est) — Grad Webinar: Demystifying Graduate Funding

In this webinar, our Graduate Funding Team will simplify graduate funding at York University. With a competitive funding package for eligible masters and doctoral programs, and one of the only cash-up-front funds that supports research activity, York University puts you and your scholarly activity first. Join to learn about the different types of funding, minimum funding packages, an overview of employment/non-employment opportunities and recruitment awards.



MARCH 16 @ 12:00 pm (est) — Alumni Panel w/Dean Loebel: Research Career Satisfaction Outside of Academe

Entering a master’s program or continuing into the PhD presents many considerations for students to think about. In this webinar, our Dean and AVP Graduate (Thomas Loebel) will be speaking with three alumni; each having been through a graduate program, the transition to a post-graduate career, and the development of a career. Our alumni will bring rich perspectives to future students wrestling with various questions, such as, what will this program do to me and for me? Perhaps the better way to pose that question is, how will I develop through the course of study in this program?

Alumni Panelists include:

  • Monique Abbott (MSW ‘17)
  • Naz Chaudary (PhD ‘04)
  • Dylann McLean (MA ‘09 and PhD ‘15)



MARCH 17 @ 12:00 pm (est) — Grad Webinar: Navigating Your Degree w/Dean Loebel

In this webinar, our Dean and AVP Graduate (Thomas Loebel) will be speaking on the role of the student in a graduate degree, degree types and structures in the different disciplines, forming your individualised research ideas, and supports for personal and research development.