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Artists: Kristen Elizabeth Donoghue-Stanford, Rebecca Garcia Echeverria, Allison Helen Garrity, and Esther Min-Ji Kim
Medium: Sculpture (Bronze)
Location: Eleanor Winters Art Gallery (129 Winters College)
Dates: January 20th – February 1st, 2020
Reception: Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 6:00pm – 8:00pm
CASTED is a sculpture exhibition fully dedicated to works produced in bronze. The four artists, Kristen Elizabeth Donoghue-Stanford, Rebecca Garcia Echeverria, Allison Helen Garrity, and Esther Min-Ji Kim curated a collection of their separate works to create this group exhibition.
The four women artists have showcased in CASTED an exhibition in bronze; a historically male associated material. As four female artists, they navigate the conventions of this medium in order to wield it to their individual artistic practices and challenge the associations of materiality in relation to creation and process.
In an exploration of this materiality, themes are crossed, met, and distanced with one another. Between the works of the four artists, a conversation is opened on the significance of bronze and its impact upon object and permanence. In choosing to cast in bronze, the artists subject themselves to be represented in their work, calling into question immortalization and monumentality of self.
In representations of the body, of memory, of empowerment, and of self the artists invite viewers to cast opinions and inferences of their own upon the works.
Kristen Elizabeth Donoghue-Stanford is a sculpture artist currently in her final year of her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree in Visual Arts (Studio) at York University in Toronto, Ontario. Her work focuses upon the themes of femininity, gender dichotomy, and on connections between the past and present as is expressed through the processes of bronze casting, metal fabrication, installation, textile and mixed media arts.
Rebecca Garcia Echeverria is in her final year of the BFA Honours Degree at York University. She is a First-Generation Canadian-Salvadoran exploring the reconstruction of her memories, identity, and self through means of process based art forms that include metal fabrication, bronze-casting, and film photography. She recently won a place in the 2019 Graduate showcase at Gallery 1313 along with the AGYU Best in Show Award for her work “Self-Portrait (Camera) which is currently on display in CASTED.
Allison Helen Garrity often considers herself to be a part of the art that she creates. The process of constructing her thoughts into the physical universe fuses together the tangible and intangible parts of her. She is a 21-year-old Canadian artist, currently in her 4th and final year in the Visual Arts program at York University. She is a prop maker, sculptor, artist and a seeker of exploration. Her work is focused around a variety of materials and processes of the Foundry, Metal working and patterning. As she explores her desire for playfulness, she invite ideas unbound by the adult self, Dissociating assumptions on gender, life and time.
Esther Min-Ji Kim is a Canadian born Korean artist currently in her 5th year at York University majoring in Visual Arts (Studio). She explores concepts of the body through sculptural forms, utilizing her practices of metal fabrication, foundry, mould making and the contrast in medium and scale to evoke ambiguity in a tangible form. Inspired by thoughtful investigation of philosophies of the mind and its relation to the body, her work challenges the viewer’s commonly held assumptions about the world. She opens possibilities for interpretation, instigating cognitive and bodily awareness of the viewer’s subjective self.


Jan 20 2020 - Feb 02 2020


12:00 am - 12:00 am


Eleanor Winters Art Gallery (129 Winters College)
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