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Career Conversations in Statistics and Data Science

Wondering what types of roles are available in the Statistics and Data Science field? Want to meet York alumni and other professionals working in roles they love?
Connect with professionals currently enjoying their careers and get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to work in this field. During this panel professionals will share their personal stories about breaking into the field, how their career paths took them from graduation to where they are now, what knowledge, skills and experience helped them succeed in their jobs and what types of opportunities are available in the field. The panel will be moderated by one of the Career Centre’s team members and followed by an open forum where students will have an opportunity to ask the panelists their own questions.
Registration is required. You may register for this event on the Experience York (you will be able to sign in using your Passport York and register for appointments and events on the system).
Participating Panelists

Gerald Lebovic, Biostatistician/Scientist, Applied Health research Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital

Gerald Lebovic
Biostatistician/Scientist, Applied Health research Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital
Alumnus: BSc, Statistics, 2002
Degree: Bachelor of Science, York University (2002); PhD (2011) University of Toronto
Current Career: Biostatistician/Scientist
As a young kid, I was always numbers oriented and to this day my mind works in a quantitative fashion with me answering things like I am 90% certain…
I started off in pure math but quickly realized I wanted more than theory, I needed to apply my knowledge. The field of statistics is fascinating as I can use complex mathematical principles in an applied and meaningful way. In particular, Currently, I am involved in medical research analyzing various interesting observational studies.
Jiawei Li, Senior Data Scientist, Shopify

Jiawei Li
Senior Data Scientist, Shopify
Alumnus: PhD, Mathematics and Statistics, 2014
Degree: Master of Arts, Graduate diploma in financial engineering, PhD in Math, York University
Faculty: Faculty of Math and Statistics
Graduated: 2014
Current Career: Data Scientist

Sam Liu, Data Scientist, Royal Bank of Canada

Sam Liu
Data Scientist, Royal Bank of Canada
Alumnus: MA, Mathematics and Statistics, 2016
When I was a university, I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career. All I knew was I wanted a job that is both quantitative and creative. So when I first read about machine learning, I was immediately hooked. Now I’m working as a data scientist, deriving insights from data and building machine learning models. I believe that if you have enough passion and drive, you can succeed anywhere.


Oct 24 2019


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Ross N620
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