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Career Conversation Panels: Linguistics and Cognitive Science

In partnership with the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Want to meet York Alumni and other professionals who are putting their degree to use in a variety of fields?
Connect with professionals currently enjoying careers in a variety of settings and get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to work in these fields. During this panel professionals will share their personal stories about breaking into their field, how their career paths took them from graduation to where they are now, what knowledge, skills and experience helped them succeed in their jobs and what types of opportunities are available in their field. The panel will be moderated by one of the Career Centre’s team members and followed by an open forum where students will have an opportunity to ask the panelists their own questions.
Registration is required.You may register for this event on theCareer Centre’s online system(you must sign up for an account before you will be able to register for any events on the system).

Participating Panelists
Jill Clements
Speech-Language Pathologist, Early Childhood Educator
Talking, Language and Communication Inc, Intensive TLC, driven2smile
Alumna: BA Arts, 1989
I started out in the fast-track MBA program with computer science and math as a double major. In my 4th year I switched to Linguists and haven’t looked back since!!!
After York I did an M.A. in (Neuro)Linguistics and then aa M.H.Sc. in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) at U of T.
My Linguistics background positioned me extremely well to become an SLP. 30 years later I am loving it as an SLP – new challenges and learning opportunities every day 🙂

Christopher Janca
Project Manager – Advanced Technologies
Parker Hannifin
Alumnus: BA, Arts, 2006
If you had to distill my personality down to one word it would be ‘curious.’ It can mean eager to learn or unconventional, and I happen to be both.
I thrive on challenges that are high in ambiguity and demand independent thought. I have spent my career envisioning and building a better future by focusing on strategy, process, organizational design and technology.

Julie Doner
University of Toronto
Alumna: BA, Linguistics, 2011
When I finished my undergraduate degree at York, I decided to apply for an MA and see what would happen, and here I still am, now doing a PhD. Graduate studies has its highs (finding new patterns and exciting data, traveling to conferences around the world), but also its lows (mountains of messy data, negative reviews). My favourite part is probably mentoring students, helping them make interesting connections and ask good questions, and seeing them get excited about the field I love.

Tiffany Anderson
Communicative Disorders Assistant -Speech Specialists
Alumna: BA, Major in Psychology and Minor in Linguistics, 2015
Going into university my passion was teaching. I love working with students, helping them understand difficult concepts and seeing the light bulb turn on when they finally get it. Through the psychology program, my intention was to learn about education and how children learn. In my first year I took a linguistics and realized that their are other ways that I can incorporate my love of teaching with my new found interest in language development. Working with children with speech and language disorders is the best decision I have made.

Adrienne Miranda
Speech-Language Pathologist- Toronto District School Board
Alumna: BA, Linguistics, 2011
Growing up, I always wanted a career that blended my love of languages, my interest in education, and a desire to help others in my community. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I enjoy the best of all these worlds in my work at the school board. By collaborating with educators, families, and other professionals, I am part of a team that supports the achievements and well-being of our students by helping them reach their communication potential.

Amy Leung
Alumnus: BA(Specialized Honours), Linguistics, 2015
Currently working in the field of communication disorders and behavioral science, I have used my background in Linguistics, ESL teaching and Communicative Disorders to teach children and adults in a variety of settings, locally and internationally. I am fascinated with language acquisition, how people communicate and how we can work together to overcome potential communication barriers. I find my career to be truly rewarding.

Anna Press
Policy Analyst -Ontario Public Service
Alumna: BA and BEd, Education and Cognitive Science, 2010
After graduating with two degrees (in Education and Cognitive Science) from York, I moved to Turkey to teach. I returned to Canada for graduate school, and later began working for the government (where I’m still employed). Apart from the academics, York’s global focus helped me gain a footing in life abroad and international friendships I still maintain to this day.


Oct 18 2018


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Harry Crowe Room 109 Atkinson College
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