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Burma in the Context of Global Uprising against Militarized Violence Roundtable

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In his response to a student in Burma asking for some consideration given the violence happening around them, a York University Math instructor wrote: “people don’t get shot for just protesting, but for a lot deeper reasons.” The reality is that people are randomly murdered by the security forces in Burma, with students and workers being particularly targeted, and people in Canada and the US are regularly murdered by the police for being black or indigenous. This instructor’s ignorance and insensitivity, however, highlight the global interconnections of militarized police violence.
This roundtable and teach-in seeks to think about the situation in Burma conversation with the multiple uprisings against:
murder of black and indigenous people by militarized police in the US and Canadacrackdowns on democracy protesters in Hong Kongmilitary violence against civilians and social movements in South Asia
Jasnea Sarma, National University of Singapore
Emily Hue, University of California Riverside
Aye Min Thant, Burmese-American journalist
Htet Thiha Zaw, University of Michigan
Moderator: Chu May Paing, Aruna Global South; University of Colorado Boulder
Free and open to public, especially academics working with international students and students with heritage ties to war-torn parts of the world.
The roundtable and teach-in will be followed by a workshop on policing in academic spaces and discussing ways we can work to decolonize and promote anti-racism in academia. Those interested in participating should indicate this when RSVPing for the roundtable/teach-in.
This event is presented by Aruna Global South and YCAR


Jun 18 2021


9:30 am - 10:30 am
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