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Bold ideas!“The queendom of fungi; lessons on healing self, community and the environment from plant allies and mycelial networks,” a conversation with Erin Cochrane

We have co-evolved alongside our allies in nature; plants, herbs, animals, mushrooms, throughout our existence. Mushrooms are agreed to be one of the oldest recorded living organisms on this planet. After being around for so long, there are a few things we could learn from their wisdom.

Humans are now consciously evolving at an exponential rate. But what often happens during evolutions or transformations, are series of breakdowns, breakthroughs and leaving old ways behind. Erin Cochrane, Co-Founder & Director of Product at Gwella Mushrooms, shares her experiences with loss and grief, exploration of unconventional ways of living, and healing through community and the teachings of fungi. She looks into what challenging normative systems and learning from and modelling “modern life” after intentional communities, and the fungal queendom could be like. And our opportunity through radical vulnerability and authenticity to achieve higher service to ourselves and others.


Nov 11 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Zoom Session


Calumet College
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