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Bold Ideas: Move More, Exercise Less. Challenging our perspective of physical activity

Presenter’s bio: Cameron Mattice is a former competitive athlete, having traveled across North America playing baseball. He played on 18u Team Canada and received a scholarship to attend college in Louisiana. During his athletic career, Mattice overcame cancer and other health challenges. Through these experiences, he learned to develop resiliency and discovered the body’s incredible ability to heal. It was a result of this adversity that he decided to change his career path towards helping others feel their best. Mattice has a degree in kinesiology and health science from York University, is a registered Hatha yoga teacher, and is certified as a strength and conditioning coach. Currently, Mattice is pursuing education to become a doctor of chiropractic. He also provides an online coaching service for adults which focuses on educating physical literacy and supportive lifestyle practices. To find out more about Mattice please access
Session summary: It’s hardly refuted now a days that exercise is good for our health and general well-being. We are constantly bombarded with information about the benefits and long list of what we should be doing, yet statistics show that many people in North America continue to be physically inactive. Join presenter Cameron Mattice as he shares his journey of overcoming cancer, achieving success as a competitive baseball player, and how his fitness experience brought him to reconsider what is important. In this talk, Mattice shares why he feels that our current paradigm of exercise may be working against us and makes a case for an alternative. He will address the theory of the fundamentals of movement and provide practical applications that are accessible to all.


Mar 09 2020


12:00 pm - 12:45 pm


Stong College 101 (SC MDR) @ 4700 Keele Street, Stong College, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3
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