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Belly dance as mindful movement for stress reduction

Belly dance as mindful movement for stress reduction:
This movement-based workshop utilizes belly dance vocabulary designed for self-soothing. Learn movements that support the reduction of stress and anxiety symptoms. Participants will leave with applications on how stress responses can be experiences on a spectrum from hyper-arousal (feelings of over-stimulation) to hypo-arousal (feelings associated with low-energy or burnout). Belly dance used as mindfulness offers gentle, wavy movement designed to down-regulate physical stress responses. This workshop also combines more energizing vocabulary through shimmying and shaking as well as core engagement to support up-regulation of the nervous system, based on internal rhythm and percussion.
About the facilitator:
Shaila Khan is completing her masters in dance at York University. She concurrently training as a dance movement therapist through the National Centre for Dance Therapy in Montreal. Her work focuses on belly dance practices that use sensuality as a healing tool within dance interventions. Her movement offerings look at building resiliency, decoupling stress responses and promoting body positivity. Khan provides a unique framework that maps belly dance vocabulary for nervous-system regulation. She has been an active member of the Toronto belly dancing community for over a decade, both as a performer and instructor. She currently works as a health educator and training specialist and enjoys offering students training on mental health and well-being.


Mar 11 2020


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Junior Common Room #012 Winters College @ 012 Winters College, Winters Junior Common Room
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