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anthropology lecture

Anthropology Annual General Lecture: Juvenile Murder, Vengeance, and Grief

Juvenile Murder, Vengeance, and Grief with keynote speaker Dr. Laurence Ralph

Dr. Ralph’s talk will examine the ramifications of juvenile incarceration. A central focus of his discussion will be juvenile murder, as he discusses two separate, yet interrelated, cases in which teenage boys of color were killed by their peers. He asks: How does a victim’s family heal from homicide? Drawing from the literature in child psychology as well as the sociology and anthropology of urban violence, he argues that, as a society, our idea of accountability is incomplete. Those who the police have accused of crimes—and even those who have committed them—need to be humanized. By conducting in-depth life histories of young people who the juvenile justice system has harmed, he hopes to shed light on the violence they encounter and the reasons they encounter it.



Mar 23 2023


4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


152 Founders Assembly Hall, Founders College


Department of Anthropology
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