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26th Annual Eco Arts & Media Festival 2020

The Faculty of Environmental Studies is excited to announce “Pollination: Exchange of Ideas” as its 26th annual Eco-Arts and Media Festival.
This year’s Eco-Arts and Media Festival takes up the expansive theme of pollination, including the biocultural importance of pollinators to the ecosystem and recognizing pollination in terms of the exchange of knowledge and ideas. This theme invites facilitated conversations across disciplines, to create writing, performances, workshops and artworks that consider pedagogical, environmental and artistic approaches to the concepts of exchange, care, trade and sharing. The festival contemplates how speaking across disciplines and exchanging knowledge can generate new ways to think through colonialism, land rights, environmental degradation and the ongoing effects of climate change.
Since 1994, the Eco-Arts and Media Festival has featured music, performance, dance and participatory workshops where activism and art practices express perspectives on environmental and social issues. In 2020, the festival runs from March 2 through to March 5 across a constellation of venues at FES and beyond – Zig Zag Gallery, Wild Garden Media Centre, Crossroads the unGallery and The Tranzac Club.
Join us!


Mar 02 - 06 2020


12:00 am - 12:00 am


Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building, York University @ HNES Building
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