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Debunking Stress and Cultivating Resilience

This session is held in collaboration with Health Education & Promotion.   

Let’s face it, today’s culture values perfection. We may feel pressure towards academic excellence, especially as mature/part-time students, where the stakes on achieving academic success are especially high. As a result, some of us might experience perfectionist tendencies from time to time. These experiences may include fear of failure, disapproval or disappointment of oneself. Despite best efforts, it might make it difficult to cultivate one’s own self-compassion. Do you need new strategies to increase your resilience and overcome burnout? This workshop will look at the function of stress, how it affects our well-being, and how we can develop realistic strategies to build and implement resilience as mature/part-time students. We will also look at practices for self-compassion and mindfulness tools that support stress reduction.  

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Meeting ID: 970 7817 5984 

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